Kodi 17 has caused alot of issues with builds having the addons not being enabled after an install. Although Aftermath Wizard automatically enables them after a build install, not everyone uses aftermath. With that being said I created an autoexec.py file that you place in the Kodi/userdata/ folder that will run once the build is installed and enable all addons from the Kodi/Addons/ folder. Another issue is the installing addons from unknown sources being enabled. The 2nd option will enable that setting for you.

An autoexec.py is an optional python script that users can create in their userdata folders that will be executed when Kodi starts up. Once this script is ran it will delete itself so that it doesnt try to run every startup.

Credits to Tobias Ussing And Henrik Mosgaard Jensen for writing the parseDOM code used in this script to grab the addonid from the addon.xml of the plugins. Also thanks to ultimate white cream for help on the send click with enable unknown sources.

This one only includes the enabling of addons. http://aftermathwizard.net/repo/autoexec.zip

This one enables all addons and enables unknown sourceshttp://aftermathwizard.net/repo/autoexec_unknownsources.zip