Aftermath Wizard

Aftermath Wizard was created to help the kodi community out and help get rid of the broken personal wizards that are floating around. As this is a work in progress i would highly recommend the use of a repository, but if you prefer not to there is a build in auto-updater. The current version of the wizard is v0.1.7a.

[03/07/2017]After release a few bugs came to life, i went back and fixed them and released 0.1.7a, if you do not wish to redo the AutoConfig form then download THIS zip and extract it into the wizard folder.

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Finally Released!

Currently v0.1.7a is released and now i plan on working on the site some.

Auto Config

AutoConfig tool helps the user create the wizard with little experience. All you have to do is enter in all the information for your wizard, it will create the Addon.xml and file then input it into a custom zip file.

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Support Forum

Currently I dont see a point of having a Support forum, so NaN has allowed me to have a Sub-Forum on their site.

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